• Student Community Service

  • Student Community Service hours will be submitted using a form inside FOCUS.

    All links to the current Google form will be switched to the FOCUS form so you will not have access to fill out the wrong form.

    The FOCUS form will be very similar to the current form. The main difference is that students will be responsible for getting approval from service supervisor. The student can get a signed form or the student can get an email from their supervisor. The FOCUS form will require you to upload a supervisor approval (either a signed paper or a copy of the supervisor's email).


    The supervisor approval must include:

    Student name

    #of hours

    Supervisor name and title

    Supervisor email

    Supervisor phone number

    Check FOCUS for more instructions and to access the Student Community Service time tracker form in the FORMS section.

    The Guidance department will handle approving the hours. If you have any questions, contact your Guidance department.

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  • Community Service Opportunities List

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  • Find FORMS to submit hours here.

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    important Read all instructions carefully.

    Turn in your Student Community Service hours online to be entered on your transcript.

    You have two online form options to submit your hours:

    1. Send an email to your supervisor for approval
    2. Upload a paper signed by your supervisor. 
  • email INSTRUCTIONS: Student Service Supervisor Email Approval  


    Supervisor approval email must include the following information.

    Student Name

    Date of Service

    Number of Hours

    Supervisor Name and title

    Supervisor Email address and phone number


    If you have any questions, contact your school Guidance department.


  • upload INSTRUCTIONS: Turning in a Paper Form #127 OR ManageBac report.

    NOTE: This is the only way to turn in the IB ManageBac report or the paper Form#127 form and have the hours entered on to your transcript.

    DO NOT turn the Form# 127 in to your guidance counselor. 

    If you documented your community service hours using the paper Form#127, and you have a supervisor signature, or you have a ManageBac report from IB:

    1. Find the Student Community Service Tracker form.
    2. Complete the form to submit your hours.
    3. Upload a copy of your signed Form# 127 or your IB ManageBac report.