• Supplemental Instructional Materials


    Although teachers are required to employ School Board approved instructional materials (listed below) to educate students, we respect a teacher's prerogative to employ at his (her) discretion supplemental materials to enhance student learning with the following conditions:

    1. The supplemental materials are standards-based.
    2. The supplemental materials are grade-level appropriate.

    If a parent objects to the use of a supplemental material, then the parent should contact the teacher to discuss the matter.  If--after discussing the supplemental material with the teacher--the parent still objects, then the teacher shall have the student complete an alternate assignment.


    School Board Approved Instructional Materials

English and Language Arts (grades K5 adopted SY17-18; grades 6-12 adopted SY14-15)
Mathematics (adopting SY18-19)
Science (adopted SY17-18)
Social Studies (adopted SY16-17)
World Languages (adopted SY15-16)