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Martin County School District Dual Enrollment Program

Early Registration for Eligible Students Opens Tuesday, October 30

  • Early Registration for Eligible Students Opens Tuesday, October 30


    Students selected for early registration will see their registration appointment-please note the exact DATE and TIME-in their Workday Academics worklet and may register online or with the help of an advisor at any point after their given appointment time. Students who do not have an early registration appointment will participate in general registration.

    Tip: Review the online tutorial on how to access your registration appointment in Workday.


    General Registration Opens Monday, November 5
    All enrolled and admitted students may begin registering for Spring classes beginning Monday, November 5 at 8:00 a.m. An appointment is not required to participate in general registration.


    Plan Now-Search the Course Schedule and Create a Saved Schedule
    All students, regardless of registration date, may plan ahead and create a saved schedule. Here's how:

    1. Review your Guided Pathway/Academic Plan and Degree Audit to determine what courses are needed next for program completion.
    2. Search the  Course Schedule. Filter by term, campus and/or meeting days.  You cannot register directly from the Course Schedule, but it is a useful tool for your academic planning.
    3. Create a saved schedule in Workday (tutorial) to avoid issues with co-requisite courses. Your saved schedule won't guarantee your seat, but it will allow you to more quickly register for classes.


    On registration day, register from your saved schedule (tutorial). The registration process is not final until you complete this step. Keep in mind that you will need to find alternatives for class sections that have filled prior to you registering.

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