• Welcome to Social Studies! 

    Our discipline researches, analyzes, and evaluates societies and their relationship among individuals.  Our rich content provides students a solid foundation in economics, government, geography, history, and political science.  Students also have the opportunity to study anthropology, law, and psychology.  Striving to challenge our students, we offer traditional, honors, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, and International Baccalaureate progression pathways.  (By accessing the progression pathways, you can also access Florida standards for each course.)  Our goal is to provide students the knowledge, understanding, and critical thinking skills to prepare them for the challenges of the world as they fulfill their civic duties and responsibilities as productive members of society. 

     In the News

    Congratulations to Elizabeth Gutschmidt, Civics teacher at Stuart Middle School!  She is the MCSD "Social Studies Teacher of the Year" (2018-2019).  Liz was recognized at the September School Board meeting and then traveled to Orlando, where she was recognized at the Florida Council for Social Studies (FCSS) conference in October.

    A special thanks to Amanda Jones at Martin County High School!  As an art teacher she is engaging her students in geopolitics...checkout the video to see what they are doing. 

    Memory Project

    Youth in Government (YIG) students had a prolific State Assembly (Februay 20-23) in Tallahassee.  Besides winning the State Governor and the Chief Financial Officer seats, as well as having two bill signed into law, the mock government assembly resulted in 15 other appointments and recognitions.  The middle school Junior Youth in Government (JYIG) State Assembly is April 25-28, in Haines City.