• Fee Waiver Process

    For courses taken at Indian River State College (IRSC), the Martin County School District will cover 2/3 of the tuition fee for its full-time employees who enroll in undergraduate course work at IRSC. 

    Steps to complete:

    • Register for the undergraduate course you would like to attend.
    • Do not pay for the course at that time              
    • Complete Fee Waiver IRSC form #504. (Link Below)
    • Complete IRSC Fee Waiver Addendum. (Link Below)
    • Bring the completed forms to the MCSD Human Resources Department located at 500 SE Ocean Blvd. in Mplex Building #3 to obtain an authorized signature.  
    • Return the authorized Fee Waiver IRSC form #504 to the IRSC Registrar along with a copy of your registration for payment directions. 

    The fee waiver is only for a tuition reduction for Associate and Baccalaureate level courses and may not be used for books or lab fees associated with IRSC courses.  Due to limited funding in the agreement with IRSC, MCSD full time employees may only receive the fee waiver for one course per academic semester.  


    Click HERE for a copy of IRSC FORM 504 (Billing Authorization Form)

    Click HERE for a copy of IRSC FEE WAIVER ADDENDUM