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    Supplemental Insurance

    MCSD offers a variety of voluntary supplemental insurance through Aflac, that may be purchased separately on a voluntary basis and premiums paid by payroll deduction. To learn more about these plans and/or to schedule a personal appointment, please contact the local Aflac agent as listed below. Details regarding available plans and services are also available on BenTek.

    • All coverages for new hire benefit-eligible employees are guaranteed-issue.
    • Existing employees, who are not a current policyholder will be subject to underwriting review. Employees may qualify for coverage upon answering health questions for employee, employee's spouse and/or dependent children.
    • Benefits are paid directly to the policyholder.
    • Coverage is portable (with certain stipulations). Employee can take it with them, if employee changes jobs or retirees.
    The following Aflac plans are available during the 2018 open enrollment period and for all future new hire benefit eligible employees:

Group Accident Advantage Plus-24 Hour High Plan (Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction)

    • Pays cash benefits for expenses resulting from injuries on or off the job and pays in addition to any other insurance in force.
    • Pays cash benefits fast for expenses major medical may not take care of, including: ambulance rides, ER visits, hospitalization, surgery, stitches, casts, wheelchairs, crutches, and other medical appliances.
    • Includes an Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefit
    • Includes an annual Wellness benefit for preventive screenings payable for each covered persons.

Group Hospital Indemnity Plan 2 (Pre-Tax Payroll Deduction)

    • Pays cash benefits during a covered hospitalization. Helps with financial support for sickness or injury in the event of a hospital admission, hospital confinement and hospital intensive care stay.

Group Critical Illness Plan (After-Tax Payroll Deduction)

    • Pays a lump sum
    • Provides help with treatment costs for covered critical illnesses and helps pay bills so employee can focus on recuperation instead of stressing over out of pocket costs.
    • Child coverage at no additional cost.
    • The Group Critical Illness payable for:

    › Cancer (Internal and Invasive)

    › Heart Attack (Myocardial Infarction)

    › Stroke

    › Carcinoma

    › Sudden Cardiac Arrest

    › Benign Brain Tumor

    › Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease

    › Advanced Parkinson’s Disease

    › Carcinoma In Situ

Aflac Rates for Contract Employees

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Aflac Rates for Hourly Employees

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