Voluntary Retirement Overview

voluntary retirement

Options for Voluntary Retirement

  • 403 (b) Traditional, Roth & 457(b) Deferred Plans

    MCSD offers two different options of supplemental retirement savings plans in addition to the state retirement plan to all employees*.

    1) Traditional Pre-Tax

    The Martin County School District provides the opportunity for eligible employees* to make tax-sheltered investments through payroll deductions in accordance with Internal Revenue Code 403(b) & 457(b). You will not have to pay federal income tax on the money you invest until the money is withdrawn. This is a smart way to save money for retirement.

    2) Roth Post-Tax

    Roth plans allow you to invest funds from your salary on a post-tax basis. Your investments will grow tax-free and you will not have to pay any income tax on the investments or profits when the funds are withdrawn after you retire or otherwise qualify. Most of the vendors on this page also administer the Roth plans.

    Please visit: www.tsacg.com/individual/plan-sponsor/florida/martin-county- school-district for a complete listing of what program each vendor offers.

    Please watch this video on why voluntary retirement savings may be the right decision for you: https://youtu.be/k7cobMsZ3HI

    These plans allow employee to:

    • Strengthen employee's financial future
    • Contribute through payroll deductions
    • Save for retirement with tax advantages
    • Take it with employee upon termination from MCSD
    • Visit the TSACG website for information on:
    • Video – an overview of the plans and FAQs
    • Approved investment providers
    • Exchanges or transfers
    • Enrollment
    • Distributions
    • Loans and rollovers

MCSD Approved Vendors for Voluntary Retirement

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Voluntary Retirement Resources


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