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    Teachers of the Year

    Congratulations to several art teachers who are the "Teacher of the Year" at their respective schools!  They were in the running for the Martin County Teacher of the Year (2018-2019).

    • Anita Caswell (Chorus teacher, Murray Middle School)
    • John Egan (Band teacher, Dr. David L. Anderson Middle School)
    • Amanda Jones (Art teacher, Martin County High School)
    • Ashley Monks (Art teacher, Indiantown Middle School)

    Art in the Capitol

    Congratulations to Ari Gorostiaga (Murray Middle School) who won the SY2017-2018 competition.  Middle school students are preparing for this school year's competition, and the winner will be announced on December 10.  The District winner's artwork is displayed in the Florida Capitol during the legislative session.

    Art in Capitol 2017-2018 winner    

    Kids Tag Art Project

    Karen Haines (Jensen Beach Elementary), Traci Hochstetter (Pinewood Elementary), Ashley Monks (Indiantown Middle School), Martha Saum (Palm City Elementary), and John Schoon (Citrus Grove Elementary) worked with grade 5 art students to create—and subsequently submit—artwork for the “Kids Tag Art” program sponsored by the Martin County Tax Collector Office.  The artwork is being made into fobs and tags that can be purchased, with all proceeds being returned to schools.  Winners will be announced shortly with an awards ceremony planned for January.  Order your tags today! www.mckta.com

    Mural Project

    Through a collaborative project with the City of Stuart, Bryan Johnson's and Amanda Jones' art students (Martin County High School) are painting The History of Martin County mural, which is showcased on the Prescription Shop’s north-facing wall in downtown Stuart.  The project continues through December, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony planned for January.  


    Syrian Refugees Memory Project

    A special thanks to Amanda Jones at Martin County High School.  As an art teacher she is engaging her students in geopolitics...checkout the video to see what they are doing! 

    Memory Project


    Elementary Art Show (February 7, 2019) 

    Performing Arts Schedule of Events