• Mrs. Holden has been a positive influence on our special needs population for over 5 years. She believes that art can have a positive impact on people, and instills in our students an appreciation for the fine-arts. Each strategy that she teaches adds to a bank of techniques that help improve the students’ overall art competencies. Her calming approach with all of the activities allows each student to relax while being engaged. Mrs. Holden has worked so very hard, dedicating hours upon hours, to create art activities which cater to a variety of student skill levels. This differentiation helps build self-confidence for students who struggle with academics, and also allows students with higher level skills a chance to be as creative as they would like with their art work. She has also volunteered on field trips and other events over the years. Her consistent effort has made a positive impression on all of the individuals she has had an opportunity to work with (teachers and students). Mrs. Holden has had children graduate from MCHS and still she continues to be a presence teaching art every other week during the whole school year. Mrs. Holden, who has such a gentle heart and caring nature with our kids, is a wonderful person from our community who cares about making a difference in the lives of others.

    Pictured (L-R):  Virginia Skinner, Wendy Holden, Al Fabrizio