Wellness Ambassadors

wellness ambassadors
  • Who is a Wellness Ambassador?

    Wellness Ambassadors are MCSD employees who promote District-sponsored wellness programs that encourage good health and improve the quality of life while serving as a liaison between the Building Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program coordinators and department/school staff. They are a wellness cheerleader and champion, provide peer support and serve as wellness role models in their workplace. To be an effective wellness ambassador, you need to lead by example, regardless of where you are in your personal wellness journey.

    Why become a Wellness Ambassador?

    You have enthusiasm and passion for health and wellness, so use that drive to inspire and encourage those you work with to make healthier lifestyle choices, as well as earning up to $500 a year!

    What does a Wellness Ambassador do?

    Wellness Ambassadors market, publicize and recruit MCSD staff to participate in health and wellbeing activities and events by:

    • Participating in annual Wellness Ambassador in-service trainings
    • Forwarding and posting all bi-weekly Wellness Wednesday newsletters (must have access to District email); reserving a “wellness message” in staff meetings to convey information on health topics and upcoming wellness events and programs
    • Creating, hosting and planning unique wellness initiatives for their school site or department staff; a minimum of two per school year (Fall and Spring)
    • Participating in Building Healthy Lifestyles Wellness Program events, such as the annual wellness fair, nutritional and weight management challenges, fitness programs, etc.
    • Identifying potential ideas, strategies and programs for enhancing wellbeing and a healthy environment

    Serving as a Wellness Ambassador will require 30 minutes to two hours of time per month, depending upon special events occurring through the Building Healthy Lifestyle program or at each school location/department. All Wellness Ambassador roles are voluntary and should be worked on using discretion related to required job responsibilities and departmental priorities.

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