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  • Welcome to the Home Page of the South Fork High School International Baccalaureate Program.  Here you can find helpful information about the program, IB worldwide, Creativity, Activity and Service, and more.  If you need information you can't find here, please email the IB Coordinator, Kelly L. Riccardo at riccark@martin.k12.fl.us.


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    Getting Your Transcript Sent to a College

    SFHS IB graduates will remember that they filled out a form requesting that their IB scores be sent to one college.  Mrs. Riccardo faithfully entered that request, but just to double check, you initialed beside your name on a report that the information was correct.  Those scores were sent (most electronically) on or very soon after July 5 of your graduation year.

    If you transfer schools or do not enter that school and want transcripts sent to another school, you will need to go to:


    and request the transcript yourself.  After July 1 of your graduating year, the IB Coordinator (in your case, Mrs. Riccardo) no longer represents you as far as IB procedures.