• Jensen Beach High School is an “A” School Again

    As we begin to prepare for the start of the 2019-2020 school year, we look back on all of our accomplishments from the previous 15 years and celebrate our many successes. Jensen Beach High School opened 15 years ago with one mission; to ensure all students made it across the stage in four years and ready for the next chapter in their journeys. This year we have added two programs to our existing programs. When we open our doors in August we will have a new career program leading to an Early Childhood certification where our students will leave school ready to work in a preschool anyplace in our state or country. We will also be adding an additional college readiness program that allows students the opportunity to earn an Advanced Placement Capstone Diploma. This program requires students to take two new classes: Advanced Placement Seminar and Advanced Placement Research. In these classes students will learn to collaborate with others, conduct college level research and improve upon their writing skills.


    At Jensen Beach High School our Mission is “Empowering Students for Success” and our vision is “A Collaborative Community Committed to Success”. We work hard to live and breathe our mission and vision daily. We understand that each student has their own definition of what success means to them. It is our goal that students leave our school with the tools they need to achieve personal success. Our success plan includes a tailored experience for each student based on what they need to be successful. We are excited to be able to offer our ninth graders a personalized guidance experience with our new ninth grade counselor. The addition of a 5th school counselor allows for more personalized time for all students. This past year we are proud to report our graduation rate improved from 88% to 93%. Our students, faculty and staff, school counselors, and school wide interventionist worked diligently to make this happen. Our Biology and United States History students had the highest EOC scores that our school has ever accomplished. In addition, the Advanced Placement test results are the highest we have seen in Jensen Beach High School since opening our doors. Our students are Soaring in many areas. As amazing as our results are, there is still work to be done. We are committed to helping each student reach their goals and discover their potential. We look forward to greeting all of our students on August 12th as we open the doors to celebrate year 15. Lori Vogel Principal