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Principal's Message

  • I hope this letter finds you relaxed and full of energy with the summer coming to a close as you gear up for the new school year.  Each year when school starts  not only do I get excited about meeting all the new students but I also know it is football season.  I look forward to celebrating the team I love and telling their story even if they are not the most recognized team.  I know that each team has a story to tell, and so does Murray Middle School.

    We have amazing teachers and supportive families but most of all we have wonderful students that need us to be their champion because they deserve it.  Based on the events of last year a priority focus of all School Districts across the United States is mental health.  What does that mean to MMS?  We will focus on the whole child and help all students including those that have had Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s), champion through academically and behaviorally.  We will not lose sight of what we already know about differentiated instruction and collaborating around the 4 guiding questions, but will become more attentive to using different numerical evidences, which can be accomplished by having strategic priorities: 

    •   Focus on the wildly important
    •   Act of Lead Measure
    •   Keeping a compelling scorecard  
    •   Create a Cadence of Accountability

     As we write and tell our story this year we will build relationships, grow as individuals, celebrate accomplishments, and challenge ourselves to implement a growth mindset.  I am grateful that I get to do this with you and I can’t wait to show everyone what Murray can accomplish as a TEAM! 

     "Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story!" - Josh Shipp