• Ms Hinkle's Class



    Teacher: Ms. Abby Hinkle

    Class Telephone: (772)219-1840 ext. 35235

    e-mail: hinklea@martin.k12.fl.us

    Paraprofessionals: Vicki LaBianca, Coach Shawn Callahan, Olga Tucker, and Suzi Crawford


    Welcome to the 2018-19 school year! We are very happy to have all of your students joining us this year. We are all working hard to give your child the skills and tools they need to be productive, contributing members of society and to provide them with the care and education they need to succeed.

    There have been many changes coming down for my students from the State of Florida Department of Education(FLDOE) over recent years. Please visit my Grading PolicyGrouping and Testing and Assessment Calendar.  My students are taught and graded according to their unique abilities. However, it is important to note the changes in FSAA requirements for graduation/diploma and check out the FSAA and Datafolio Overview pages. Please contact Julie Butler with questions about graduation/diploma requirement changes


    Required Supplies:

    1 notebook for parent/teacher communication (communication book) PROVIDED


    Optional Supplies:

    Juice/Snacks, based on individual needs


    Money for items in cafeteria or vending machines (Please communicate the amount and purpose of money sent).


    Pain medication *Medicine is kept in the Clinic with a completed medication form. (135)


    A full change of clothes and grooming items like a toothbrush, paste, comb/brush, deodorant, or any other hygiene products, based on individual needs.



    School policy makes it your responsibility to contact the school regarding your child’s absences. Please refer to student handbook regarding how to report absences. I will need to know if your student is not in school so that I can be sure the student is not on campus. You may call the classroom phone, send an e-mail, or write a note in the communication book before the date of the absence to notify me.


    School routines:

    We wear school colors on Fridays and on game days to support our athletes. School T-shirts are on sale at http://sideline.bsnsports.com/schools/florida/stuart/south-fork-high-school.  We have dance class weekly and I will let you know when it begins this year.  Friends Chorus Club bus picks up on Mondays at about 1:40pm.  Friends starts on 9/7/18.  School activities, holidays and special events will be on the school calendar, please be sure to check it regularly.

     Students carry a “communication book” home daily. All notes, school paperwork, comments and questions can be found there. You are encouraged to write any notes or questions you have and I will answer as soon as possible.

    Thank you, for all that you do!


    Abby Hinkle

    ESE Teacher


    (772)634-6003 cell phone available between 6am-7am and 4pm-6pm.  I prefer text messages and would rather not be contacted on weekends unless it is important.  My cell does not work in the classroom.  The class extention is 235.