About HSE

  • Hobe Sound Elementary School is located in southern Martin County. The campus houses pre-kindergarten through fifth grade. The mandatory dress code continues to be conducive to positive student behavior and focused learning opportunities. Dr. Dianne Memmer-Novak is the principal at HSE and Mr. Willie Gore, Jr. is the Assistant Principal.

    Hobe Sound Elementary School is a reflection of its community and the support it receives. Local organizations provide tangible aid and support the school's goal to make every child succeed. The school boasts an active School Advisory Council, PTA, PBIS Team and Green Team.

    The Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) team analyzes behavior data and develops interventions that will support positive behavior in the classroom and around other areas of the school. Students earn Eagle Bucks for demonstrating positive behavior. Students utilize their Eagle Bucks to participate in various celebrations. This is an initiative that was put in place to support positive expectations within each classroom and school wide. Our N.E.S.T. expectations are posted in each classroom and in the hallways. The HSE school wide expectations are N.E.S.T: Need for Respect, Excellence and Personal Best, Safe At All Times, and Taking responsibility for ones actions.

    Hobe Sound Elementary School is the first in the nation to be a fully certified Audubon Sanctuary Program. In conjunction with the Hobe Sound Nature Center, Hobe Sound Elementary School uses environmental education and conservation efforts in its quest for students to become environmental stewards.

    An afterschool program called the Nature Know it Alls, helps to focus the students academically and environmentally. The Nature Know It Alls complete various community projects each year.

    HSE was the first Martin County school to cross over into a Palm Beach based initiative, Green School. HSE has been a Green School since 2013. After HSE joined the program other schools in Martin County followed suit. Our school set the precedence for the Martin County Green Schools.

    In addition to the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program, a number of programs make Hobe Sound Elementary unique. HSE maintains an intramural basketball program. The Reflections Club at HSE allows students to choose a leisure activity that they are interested in and they are able to learn more about it by participating in an after school club. The Reflections Clubs include photography, art, and writing.

    The HSE Chorus participates in the Music In Our Schools program. This program allows students from every Elementary school in Martin County to collaborate and perform for parents and members of the community.

    The implementation of a Parent Involvement Plan (fully outlines the school-wide strategies to support parents) will enhance positive student academic and behavior outcomes. The entire Hobe Sound community works in collaboration to support outstanding academic, social, and emotional learning opportunities for our students.

    HSE students have the opportunity to participate in the District Wide STEM Fair. The STEM Fair allows students to pursue their interest in Science. HSE also hosts a Science Night each year to allow families to engage in scientific exploration together. Hobe Sound Elementary celebrates Earth Day by inviting members of the community in to educate students about various environmental topics.

    HSE hosts a Math Night and Literacy Night each year. These programs are meant to engage families in the learning process. Parent involvement is important at HSE.

    The Extended Day after school program offers students a number of options including a daily Homework Club.  The school supports a mentoring program through the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization.  These achievements are due to a collaborative and supportive relationship between school faculty/staff, parents and community members.

    In addition to the academic based events HSE’s PTA hosts seasonal dances. These dances are fun and exciting events. You should come check one out!!!

    Teachers keep parents involved and informed of their child's education through the use of daily planners, curriculum night trainings, and parent teacher conferences. The school is designated as a Title I school. A fulltime Reading coach, a fulltime Math coach, and a home/school parent liaison, are funded by Title I resources.

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