• Shirts:

    • Any dresses and shirts with collars and sleeves.
    • All shirts must be longer than the top of pants/skirts/shorts.
    • Clothing with inappropriate/offensive language, message(s) or picture(s) is never permitted on campus.
    • Shirts meeting dress code criteria must be worn under all outerwear including vests, sweaters, hoodies, etc.
    • Bessey Creek Elementary logo t-shirts.  (On Fridays any BCE club or activity shirt is allowed.)


    • Skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 2” above the knee.
    • Shorts must be no shorter than 4” above the knee and must be worn no lower than the hip.
    • Grades K-4 only, leggings are permitted if they meet the conditions at the bottom of this page.*
    • Clothing must not be torn or ripped.
    • Words printed across the backside of pants or skirts are not permitted.


    • Shoes must have a rubberlike sole that provides ample traction, and must have a closed toe and closed heel to ensure student safety.  Loose fitting shoes that clop or flap are not permitted. Heels must not be elevated.  Shoes with laces must be laced to the top and tied tightly. 


    • Jewelry and clothing that is at risk of getting pulled or tangled will be considered a safety risk and will not be permitted.
    • Any jewelry or trinkets that distracts or disrupts the learning environment is not permitted.
    • No hats/head covering or sunglasses may be worn inside the building without a doctor’s note.
    • Distracting unnatural hair colors, or hair accessories and/or unusual haircuts that cause a distraction are not permitted.
    • Makeup is not permitted.


    • For our dress code, “leggings” encompasses jeggings, yoga pants, and any other outerwear similar to leggings.
    • Length must be no shorter than 4” above the knee.
    • Fabric above the knee must be opaque.
    • Must not be worn, threadbare, or sheer to the point of being see-through during any body position.



    1st Offense – Verbal warning and possible parent telephone contact for a change of clothing

    2nd Offense – Student warning indicated on a Parent Communication Form  

    3rd Offense – Student receives a Martin County School District Conduct Report Form 

    The administration of the school shall have to authority to judge whether or not the appearance of any student is in violation of policy or is disruptive to the education function or school setting.