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Welcome to the Library/Media Center

  • Library/Media Center

    Murray Middle School Library Media Center Vision Statement

    The library media center seeks to increase inclusiveness and support of the social and emotional learning needs of Murray students, strives to foster a future-ready environment by promoting literacies related to multiple content areas, providing equitable access to information, and teaching information literacy skills.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the Murray Middle School Library/Media Center is to provide students with resources in multiple formats that reach various learning styles, resources and programs supporting social and emotional learning, and the opportunity to become users and creators of information. The library supports curriculum by collaborating with teachers, developing a collection representative of the community, nurturing a love for reading, and implementing programs supporting cross content literacy.

    Library Description

    The library/media center is open for students and staff of Murray Middle School. In addition to books, the library offers a vibrant after-school makerspace where students can pursue interests and passions. The library houses fictional and non-fiction/reference books organized using the Dewey Decimal System. In addition to the physical library space a large amount of informational resources are available to students in the e-student library.

    There are 12 student desktops available in the main library for student usage before, during, and after school. There are five computer labs that are used during school through classes. There are many literacy programs and fun library events geared towards encouraging the love of reading and learning.


    Hours of Operation

    The library is open Monday- Friday on school calendar days to students from 8:50 AM - 4:00 PM. The library is closed on occasion for staff/faculty meetings, special occasions, and FSA testing days.

    Library Staff

    Susan Creber, Library/Media Specialist email:

    Cynthia Bishop, Media Assistant email: