• PBIS - Positive Behavior Intervention Support

    At PCE, we are dedicated to achieving educational excellence by fostering and nurturing a well-disciplined and supportive climate which encourages the love of learning.
    What is PBIS? Positive Behavior Intervention Support is a behavior system that uses effective instructional strategies, consistent correction procedures, logical consequences and positive reinforcement to teach students the skills and behaviors necessary for their current and future success.
    This approach to behavior can occur on a school-wide level, in a specific setting, classroom, or with an individual student.

    PCE Expectations

    Wildcats put their best “PAWS” forward:
    P - Polite
    - Aware
    W - Wise
    S - Safe

    Teaching the Expectation:

    Every month the PBIS team meets to look at the data gathered on student behaviors and targets an expectation, location, grade level, etc. that demonstrates a need for further education in school. Students will be directly taught examples and non-examples of the targeted expectations and will then receive special Wildcat vouchers for demonstrating that behavior. Those vouchers can be saved and redeemed for a variety of prizes and privileges.