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Absence Request/Reporting


1. When a student is absent from school the parent/guardian should e-mail (, fax a note (772.232.3699), or send a note with your student upon his/her return to the Attendance Office. Absences may not be excused by a phone call. Absences must be explained in writing within 10 days of the student returning to school.

2. The Attendance Office may request a doctor’s note if a student is out of school for three or more days.

3. When a student needs to leave campus during school hours, the student must bring a note to the Attendance Office prior to class starting at 8:45am. ALL NOTES MUST HAVE A VALID TELEPHONE NUMBER TO VERIFY THE REQUEST, THE TIME, THE STUDENT’S NAME, AND WHO IS PICKING UP THE STUDENT.

4. In case of an emergency and no note has been sent in, the parent/guardian should call the Attendance Office at 772-232-3502 to make arrangement to have the student picked up.

5. Students can only leave campus and return if it is for a doctor, dental, or legal appointment.

Attendance Related Activity Policy

Attendance Policy

Students must be present at school a minimum of 90% of the school days. If, at any time, a student exceeds the established 10% absentee rate (excused and unexcused), he or she will immediately become ineligible to participate in all athletics and extra-curricular school activities including but not limited to all games, practices, rehearsals, performances, meetings, field trips, dances, socials, ceremonies, and banquets. The participation restriction will continue until the student re-attains a 90% attendance rate.  Participation privileges can be restored on the day the student is in compliance. Excused absences will be reviewed by the Assistant Principal and or the Attendance Committee. 

Attendance Related Parking Guidelines

Attendance Related Parking Guidlines

Students who miss more than 15 days (excused or unexcused) of school the first semester (Aug-Dec) will lose their parking privileges for the 2nd semester (Jan-June).  No refunds will be given.