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JBHS Medical Academy rocks!

After completing 3 years in the JBHS Academy of Medical Science, including 40 hours of clinical training at a local hospital and nursing home. The following students have passed both the written and skills portions of the Certified Nursing Assistant Exam to become fully licensed by the State of Florida. 


Please Join me in congratulating:


Keara Bell

Brooke Borror

Makayla Bossio

Daniela Bueso

Carissa Burford

Angelina Carlucci

Caroline Caruso

Emma Chandler

Rachel Dionne

Gabby Sue Engle

Maggie Harlan

Patricia Lopilato

Natalie Macchia

Janeth Ortega

Anya Pickard

Jennifer Sanchez

Victoria Schlawiedt

Alexis Shine

Nayeli Torres

Johana Villatoro

Kati Willis

Zoe Wood

Luke Zechman