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Martin Youth Leadership Applications

What is Martin Youth LEADERship?
Martin Youth LEADERship is an exciting educational
program designed for sophomores and juniors from local high schools to learn about the diversity and complexities of our community,
while developing their leadership skills. This is accomplished through participation in a nine-month, structured, experiential program
that meets one day each month.

Our Mission
The mission of Martin Youth LEADERship is to inform, challenge, and stimulate students to develop the qualities necessary to
become the next generation of leaders.

Program Criteria
This program takes place during a regular school day and does require students to miss class. The applicant must be able to commit
to completing all missed school course work caused by Martin Youth LEADERship absences. If you are an IB, Dual Enrollment, or AP student,
you face difficulty participating in this program because of class requirements, teacher requirements, and testing. Students in the
past have had conflicts, and dropped out. Please consider your course load for next year while deciding to apply for this program.


Interested in applying?

Application Cover Sheet