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Coupons for Classroom Books

“COUPONS FOR CLASSROOM” books are here! These books are packed with more than $1000 worth of savings from local merchants. Each book cost $25.00 and if you sell five books, you get one coupon book for free! What a deal!


You have three choices to make:

  1. Buy one for yourself and keep the book. Just return the envelope and $25.00.
  2. Sell some to your friends and family. Take orders and return the cash or check inside the envelope and we will fill your orders and send them home.
  3. Return the coupon book in the envelope and owe nothing.


There are District –wide incentive prizes to reward your child for his/her sale efforts. All students selling 10 or more books will be entered into drawings to win one of several tablets. All who sell 20 or more will be entered to win iPads. 


You can take orders until September 24! Thank you for supporting the ESE department!


Any questions?

Contact Kim Brown