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Bullying and Harassment

If you believe bullying has occurred, contact the Administration at your school.  The information in your Student Code of Conduct or your school site Student Handbook is available for your reference.

To view entire contents of the School Board Policies on Bullying and Harassment please see School Board Rules/Students - 5000.  Specifically rules 5517, 5517.01, 5517.02, and 5517.03 in the School Board Rules link.

A report of bullying or harassment may be filed either in person or anonymously. If you would like to file an anonymous report to the Martin County School District please use the Bullying Complaint Form #1202 and fax the form to (772) 219-1246 or scan it to You will not need to sign the bottom of the complaint form if you wish to remain anonymous.

 The district has also made available an anonymous bullying prevention telephone hotline at every school. Anyone wishing to make a report can do so by dialing the school’s main telephone number and when prompted, enter extension #188 and follow the instructions given in the message. School Staff monitors the hotline messages on a continuous basis throughout school hours of operation.