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Bulldog Choirs Earn Superiors at State Music Performance Assessment

On Wednesday April 17th,  three choirs from SFHS competed at State Music Performance Assessment.   

Advanced Women – straight superiors with one recommendation for Distinction

Carillon Men – Straight superiors

Carillon Singers – Straight superiors


Thank you to Kevin Bogdan and Danica McLean for sharing their amazing instrumental skills to support our choir students!  The judges were as impressed with them as they were with our kids.

Thank you all for your support of our kids.

Here are a few recordings you should check out!

Advanced Women with a very moving dedication to victims of school shootings:

Men’s Choir with Kevin Bogdan on oboe:

Carillon Singers – made one of the judges cry:

Advanced Women with Danica McLean on flute:

Choir Choir2