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Important Safety Update:Vaping

Our nation has experienced a rise in the number of youth experimenting with e-cigarettes, vape pens and other vaping products.  The Martin County School District is not immune to this problem.  As school and student safety are a shared responsibility, we are asking parents to partner with us in learning more about the dangers associated with students' use of these products and substances.  

Our school administrators are aware that students have been using vape pens on campuses.  These pens contain THC oil laced with dangerous, unknown substances.  Our schools have been working closely with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office to identify students who are using or sharing these vape pens, as the toxic substances present a very real potential for overdose.  The Sheriff’s Office believes there is a likelihood that more students will come to be in possession of the pens and may inhale or ingest the toxins in the near future. 

Parents, we ask that you please speak with your children about the very serious risks and consequences associated with vaping and vape pens.  Please check their bedrooms, belongings, backpacks and vehicles for the presence of vape pens or other dangerous items.  If you have questions about vaping or any other type of inappropriate activity, please contact the Martin County Sheriff’s Office at (772) 220-7000 or speak with the resource officer at your child’s school. Thank you for your continued support of our school district and your child's education.