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Florida YMCA Youth in Government

Florida YMCA Youth in Government visits the State Capitol


The Florida YMCA Youth In Government (YIG) program brings high school students to the State Capitol to experience the law making process first-hand during its annual State Assembly.  Students engage in the process, organization, and roles in the State government.  Students participate in one of five areas: legislative, executive, judicial, lobbyists, or the press corps.


During the year, the Treasure Coast chapter—consisting of students from the District’s four high schools—participate in debate practices, service-learning projects, fundraising efforts, and State Assembly preparation. YIG high school sponsors—Don Welch, Sam Mick, and Jenna Allen—took 93 students (which was the largest delegation from any district) to Tallahassee, February 20-23, for one of the most prolific sessions where almost 20 positions and accomplishments were awarded.  Most significantly:


  • YIG State Governor…Solomon Scholl (SF)
  • YIG State Chief Financial Officer…Frankie DeCesare (SF)
  • Of the three bills signed into law, two were from Martin County:
    • Dylan Dalal (SF).  Mandatory Lead Tests in Schools, which measure the amount of lead in Florida’s Public School’s drinking water.
    • Sam Crombie (MC).  Government subsidized composting facilities.


Additional recognitions:


  • Maddie Davis (SF).  Bill passed both houses, but not signed into law.  Changes the drop out age from 16 to 18.
  • Nicole Daly (SF).  Best Department in the Cabinet
  • Osiris Ramos (SF).  Department of Legal Affairs
  • Abigail Gordon (SF).  Department of State
  • Nicole Daly (SF).  Department of Health
  • Cole Foster (SF).  Senate Bill Runner Up
  • Sam Crombie (MC).  Outstanding Statesmen
  • Kyle Ramos (SF).  District Court Lookout
  • Jeremy Ortmann, Emma Barska, Madelene Shewmaker (SF).  Conference on National Affairs (CONA)
  • Kyle Ramos, Zuzanna Barska, Osiris Ramos (SF).  CONA runner ups