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Reminder: Uniforms

Dress Code
via the Hobe Sound Elementary: Student and Parent Handbook

“The Mandatory Dress Code for Hobe Sound Elementary is:

  • Pants, shorts, skirts, or jumpers in navy, or khaki. Shorts, skirts, and jumpers must be no shorter than extended fingertips. Blue denim is allowed only on Fridays (or last day of the week). Overalls are not permitted.
  • Collared shirts in solid color navy blue, light blue, yellow, or white (Monday through Thursday). All shirts 22 must be worn tucked in. Collared shirts, with or without the HSE logo, may be worn.
  • Mandatory dress code must be followed on all field trips. Spirit shirts are allowed on field trips if the field trip occurs on a Friday. Field trips to the Environmental Studies Center are handled on an individual basis. Grade levels that go in the water may wear a spirit shirt. Your child’s teacher will inform the student what to wear when going to the Environmental Studies Center.
  • Spirit shirts may be worn on Friday or the last day of the week (i.e. the Wednesday before Thanksgiving). Audubon shirts may be worn on Early Release Days and on Friday.
  • Outerwear for colder weather can be worn. All sweaters or sweatshirts that are worn in classrooms need to be solid color – light blue, white, navy blue, yellow. Outerwear may not be oversized or excessively baggy. Sweatshirts are available for purchase. For girls, tights are acceptable for cold weather. Jeans are not allowed Monday through Thursday, even in cold weather.
  • Closed-toe, athletic shoes must be worn (No sandals, boots, flip-flops or open back shoes will be allowed.) Athletic shoes are appropriate and should be worn daily as children have either PE or recess each day. Socks or tights must be in the school colors of navy, blue, yellow or white.
  • Hair styles may not create an interruption to the learning environment (no Mohawks, patterned shavings, unnatural hair colorations, etc.)

Ultimately, it is at the principal’s discretion to contact parents whose child’s attire or behavior is disrupting the learning environment. We feel very strongly that your child will benefit from this dress code.”