Graduation Day!

Today Friday May 22nd was intended to be your graduation and while things are different, different is not always bad.

Let me invite you to experience some ways that we will celebrate your graduation night before we come together in person on July 24.  Tonight at 7:00pm we will post messages from your South Fork staff as we congratulate you on your accomplishments.  You will find these messages on the South Fork & Martin School District Facebook pages, Instagram, Twitter, and Google classroom.  At military time 20:20 (8:20pm) we encourage you to look in the sky and view the spotlight shining on you from SFHS, turn on your exterior lights to show your solidarity with our seniors.  As our sendoff message concludes, please continue watching our Senior memories video with clips and music collected from your senior submissions.  Our night will conclude with an airing of our prize giveaway, Project Graduation viewable on the Senior Class of 2020 Google Classroom.  Check and see if you are a winner of a TV, Airpods or laptop.  

After honoring your achievements, all seniors will drive through SFHS on Tuesday May 26th between the hours of 8:00am-6:00pm.  On this visit you will drop off any remaining items specifically textbooks, uniforms, laptops, pay fees and pick up… ordered cap and gowns, graduation cords, stoles and yard signs.  Seniors will receive their preordered yearbooks and when all obligations are met- YOU WILL LEAVE WITH YOUR DIPLOMA!  South Fork is also pleased to send you home with a unique gift, a legacy letter from our community wishing you well as you take the next steps in your journeys.  This is a tradition unique to South Fork and personalized for each of our graduates.

For safety reasons, please refer to these specific directions on how to receive these items on Tuesday May 26th.  If you are sick or have come in contact with someone who is, please do not come on this date, simply email us and we will make special arrangements when you are well. 

Your student’s responsibility on Tuesday May 26th is as follows:

  1. Prior to arrival- place a sign and your (or parent who is picking up) ID, name- first and last and 4300 number visibly in the windshield
  2. Label and bag all of your items for return with name and 4300 number and place visibly in your trunk
  3. Place all fees in an envelope with labeled with name and 4300 number on the front of the envelope
  4. Upon entering Bulldog Drive- open trunk
  5. You will follow the leader through three stations
    1. Textbook, Uniform, Miscellaneous drop-off
    2. Laptop drop off
    3. Graduation Item Pick up
  6. You will remain in the vehicle with windows up at all times

We look forward to seeing you on Tuesday and can’t wait to share tonight’s exciting shows, lights, and prize giveaways.


Congratulations class of 2020!