IMS Virtual Bell Schedule

IMS Families:

I wanted to share a preview of what a day in the life of students could look like, during the upcoming virtual learning experience. Please note that the structure of following a specific schedule is 100% optional, yet for those that would prefer this method, I have created the following "Virtual Bell Schedule".

I do suspect that your children will be quite familiar with this format, as it offers their current classes in the same sequence that they follow, as if they were here at IMS. While the times are altered for this new schedule, teachers will be specifically accessible to your child's class/period at the designated times on the schedule. In addition, I anticipate that there will be times during a week when your child's teachers may schedule a video call, using "Google Hangout" (think virtual meeting), which will allow for live communication. Please rest assured that in the event that your child is not available at these times, the lessons/assignments will all be posted in Google Classrooms, which can be accessed at any time during the day.

Our teachers will be working in the classrooms each day (M-F) from 8:30 AM - 3:00 PM. Today is merely a preview of what a structured day could look, for that that would like to follow such a model!…/15WJ4UuuWWtaLHmynRfditz_OcS…/edit…

This week, our team is planning for the Google Classroom roll-out and the deployment of lap tops for all students. It is my goal to make sure that we attempt to support all of our families during these unprecedented.

Wishing all families sustained health and happiness always!

~ Mr. Raimann

IMS Virtual Schedule 2020