Remote Learning Guidelines

Remote Learning Guidelines

In an effort to improve instructional consistency at HOMS, students will no longer be able to opt in and out of remote learning on a daily basis without a medical excuse. However, if a member of your household has tested positive for COVID, if your child has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID, or if COVID symptoms are presenting in your household, temporary remote learning will continue to be available. We realize that there are many different circumstances that parents will need to work through regarding this change. Please contact our school health assistant Ms. Garcia or our school administrators with questions and we will work with you to support your individual needs.   

 More information can be located at our school district website:

 The remote learning option was introduced as a temporary learning format as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic. As is the expectation for their peers learning in traditional classrooms, students participating in remote learning are expected to actively participate in their lessons and be engaged in school. 

 Students are eligible to participate in remote learning only in the following scenarios:

--A parent/guardian has registered them for the remote learning option with their school

--They are currently following quarantine or isolation protocols at the direction of DOH Martin or a healthcare professional

--They are sick and staying home due to symptoms, but are well enough to participate in remote learning from home temporarily. Students must provide a note from their parent or physician if they will be temporarily participating in remote learning due to illness.

--They or a member of the household is symptomatic, awaiting testing results or has tested positive for COVID-19.