Learn About Academic Games

Learn About Academic Games

https://www.martinschools.org/Domain/120 (the Academic Games page on the MCSD site)

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 https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc2AvJiEgTV7OeImB8MC5BvhG_RM8XgDdAJb_zCJUOcrw3pxQ/viewform (the actual link to sign up)

 For more information

Academic Games League of America website, www.agloa.org

Come join Academic Games and show off your smarts!  We play county-wide with an opportunity to go on to the State Tournament in March, 2019!

Social Studies

Practices: January 16 (Wednesday); Mondays, January 28 and February 4

Games:  Tuesdays, January 22 and 29, February 5

Topics will include 2018 major events, Presidents 25-45, and a theme – “Women Who Changed The World”