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If you are a 6-8th grader, please fill out this form to be eligible for prizes! And if you read a 6-8 Sunshine State book, please click SSYRA form

Top readers will be treated to a lunch at the Seminole Inn in May!

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Library Media Specialist: Mrs. Parrilli
I have loved working at IMS and getting to know the Indiantown community. I am in my 7th year here at our great school.
Personally I am married with three daughters who are thriving now in the real world. I am a Chicago native but have been in Florida for over thirty years and do call it home. Besides reading, I love getting outside whether it is in my yard, the beach or the woods. I hope to travel a bit more as time passes.
Stop in and see us or volunteer! It is a beautiful place to work!

Sunshine State Program
Reading lists are out! Students are encouraged to read these top rated new releases. Students who read these are able to participate in several programs including a lunch at the Seminole Inn, expenses paid!

Prizes are offered for the reading of any chapter book as long as a form is filled out. Here is a form for that! Fiction form 2022-2023

Phone: 772-597-2146 ext. 56118

Degrees and Certifications:
Masters of Arts in Teaching
Florida Certification for Media Education K-12