Jensen Beach Elementary Dress Code

Dear JBE Families,

After gathering feedback from school families, our School Advisory Council voted to make a slight revision to our student dress code. Starting January 2022, this revised dress code will be in place. The revision allows for dresses without collars.

Having a clearly defined dress code ensures that student learning time is free of distractions. Research shows that dressing for success leads to increased student achievement. Our dress code will be enforced and we will have a “Dress for Success Check” each morning. Please review the JBE Dress Code carefully as you make plans for holiday shopping and the second half of the school year.


• Collared shirts are required. Students also have the option of wearing a JBE spirit shirt any day of the week. Spirit shirts are shirts provided by the school or school district to promote our school and school sponsored activities (ESC, Extended Day, Track Team, etc…)

• A t-shirt may NOT be worn over a shirt with a collar.
• All shirts must be longer than the top of pants/skirts/skorts/shorts.
• Clothing with inappropriate/offensive language, message(s) or picture(s) is not permitted on campus.
• Collared shirts or spirit shirts must be worn under all outerwear.
• Collared over-shirts or blouses must be buttoned.
• Dresses must have sleeves, but do not need to have collars.
• Skirts, skorts, and dresses must be no shorter than 2” above the knee.
• Shorts must be no shorter than 4” above the knee and must be worn no lower than the hip.
• Skin tight clothing is not permissible.
• Leggings must be appropriately covered by dress, shorts, or long shirt and undergarments should not be visible.
• Clothing, to include jeans, must not be torn or ripped.
• Words printed across the backside of pants, skirts, skorts are not permitted.
• Pajamas may not be worn to school.


• Students must wear sneakers every day.
• Shoes with laces must be laced to the top and tied tightly.
• Examples of shoes NOT permitted include but not limited to: boots, sandals, flip flops, cleats, high heels, shoes with wheels, clogs, and Crocs (with or without straps).


• Jewelry or long scarves that are at risk of getting pulled are considered a safety risk and will not be permitted.
• Any jewelry or trinkets that distract/disrupt the learning environment are not permitted.
• No hats/head covering (to include jacket / sweatshirt hoods) or sunglasses may be worn inside the building without a doctor’s note.
• Hair colors, haircuts, and/or hair accessories that are distracting or disruptive to the learning environment are not permitted.