Student Services

Welcome to The Office of Student Services here at South Fork High School.

Jackie Scott, Assistant Principal
772-219-1840 Ext.35152

Mercedes Thurston, Dean of Students
772-219-1840 Ext. 35148

Trenisha Sparks, Secretary 
772-219-1840 Ext. 35147

SRO Deputy Ruby - School Resource Officer  772-219-1840 Ext.35117

District Student/Parent Information 


5517.01 Bullying and Harassment

5517.02 Discrimination/Harassment Complaint Procedure

5517.03 Dating Violence and Abuse

South Fork Student Parking Information 

As of June 9, 2022

22-23 SFHS Parking Applications for upcoming Seniors and Juniors!

Turn in to the SFHS Student Services Office resuming July 25, 2022, at 8:00AM.

  • When school is out of session, we will resume accepting them in the SFHS Student Services Office Monday-Friday, 07/25/22 between 8AM-3PM. Applications will not be accepted June 10 - July 25, 2022. 

  • While school is in session please drop of before/after school or during your assigned lunch.

  • NO payment is needed at this time.  You will pay when you pick up your decals in August.

Remember that you must meet the following requirements in order for your application to be accepted:

  • Senior (12) or Junior (11) for the upcoming school year (2022-2023)

  • Valid FL driver's license - NO applications will be accepted with learner's permit.

  • A minimum 2.0 GPA

  • Free from any obligations prior to dropping off parking application

  • Free from any outstanding disciplinary consequences 

If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Thurston or Mrs. Sparks in Student Services (772-219-1840 x35147).