Compensation and Classification Study

Martin County School District’s Classification and Compensation Study

 Martin County Schools is implementing a comprehensive classification and compensation study.  Updates and timelines of the study will be captured on this site on a regular basis.  The first phase of the study is about to begin.

 On March 12, 2018, the Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) phase will begin with an email from Human Resources to staff.  This phase is focused on non-instructional staff.  During this phase Position Description Questionnaires will be completed and submitted by non-instructional staff.

The PDQ was designed to collect important job content information about your position.  The questionnaire will aid you in describing your present position in terms of major responsibilities requirements and essential duties.  Completion of the PDQ will assist Education Planner’s consulting team in analyzing and classifying positions.

Following is the timeline for the PDQ Phase:

Martin County Schools Classification and Compensation Study  Phase II-Desk Audits

Education Planners will be on-site beginning April 10, 2018 to conduct Phase II of the Classification and Compensation Study.  Phase II  is called the “Desk Audit Phase”. 

 What is a Desk Audit?

A desk audit is a conversation between a member of the Education Planners consulting team and the incumbent in a position.  The purpose of the desk audit is to gather details about the position directly from the incumbent who performs the duties. Desk audits are conducted as one step within the larger classification study process.

 What’s Your Role in the Desk Audit?

As the incumbent it is your role to provide accurate information to the consultant about your position.  The consultant will ask you questions about your position such as how your position has changed over time, which job duties take up the majority of your time, the types of decisions you make in your job, the types of problems that you solve, who you work with and how your work is assigned. 

It is your role to answer these questions to the best of your ability and to provide factual information.  It is important not to understate or overstate your job duties and responsibilities.

 Who Will Participate in the Desk Audits?

Not every employee will participate in the desk audit.  A representative sample of each job family will be selected to participate in the desk audit. If you are selected to participate, you will receive an email with the time, date and location of the interview.  All interviews will be scheduled at a Martin County Schools location.

 How Long Will the Desk Audit Take? 

Each desk audit will last approximately 30 minutes.

 Where Will The Desk Audits be Conducted?

The meetings will be conducted at 500 East Ocean Blvd, Building #30 in one of the offices adjacent to the School Board Meeting Room.

 Will I Need to Bring Anything?

Yes, bring a copy of your completed PDQ and a copy of your current job description.

Martin County School District’s Classification and Compensation Study – Phase III Evaluation Phase

Education Planners have started the next phase of the Classification and Compensation Study “Evaluation Phase”.  In this phase, HR specialists from Education Planners will use the Position Description Questionnaire and the information gathered in the desk audits to analyze and evaluate positions based on the Factor Evaluation System.

The Factor Evaluation System is a structured, consistent and objective method used to evaluate and classify positions. This method uses 9 factors (or categories) with a point value assigned for each factor.  The sum of the points determines the classification or the grade of the position. The 9 factors are:

  1. knowledge required by the position

  2. supervisory controls

  3. guidelines

  4. complexity

  5. scope and effect


  1. personal contacts

  2. purpose of contacts

  3. physical demands

  4. and work environment

Once the analysis has been completed a job description will be drafted and the positions will be classified or graded. This process is labor intensive and we expect this phase of the process will continue throughout the summer.

Thanks for your continued support and cooperation as we work through this important project.