Digital Learning

The Office of Digital Learning supports teachers in the classroom and in their overall professional practice by facilitating the integration of the instructional materials and technology tools that the teachers have available with high effect strategies as identified by the work of Dr. Marzano in the Art and Science of Teaching and John Hattie’s Visible Learning. This office focuses on the importance of support, research, and progress in today’s classrooms. By aiding our teachers in the selection, maintenance, and integration of the technology tools into their curriculum rather than viewing them as an ‘add-on’, we are helping to grow our teachers and in turn, improve the quality of education for our students. And our students are growing up in an increasingly digital world. While we may not value and encourage ‘time spent in front of a screen it is not the screen that makes the difference- it’s what is done and can be done while in front of it that counts. As we move towards more devices and 1:1, we can expect that our teachers are going to need more and more instructional support of technology. This support will help lead to greater employee success and can be realized through the work of our office.

Students working together

The metrics identified in the success plan are: % of teachers that are highly effective, employee satisfaction, employee engagement, voluntary departure rate, % of employees participating in PD, and % of employees who feel PD offerings are valuable. In our office, we hope to prove to be a valuable asset in each of these metrics over time.

Contact Information

Jennifer Lubeno

Coordinator of Digital Learning

(772) 219- 1200 Ext. 30365

Katie Bond

Digital Learning Specialist

(772) 219- 1200 Ext. 30294

Bobbie McDonald

Digital Learning Specialist

(772) 219- 1200 Ext. 30292