Student Community Service

*** Hours reported for student community service must match the number of community service hours actually completed.  ***

How to Submit Your Community Service Hours:

Student Community Service hours are to be submitted using FOCUS.

  1. Request verification of your service with the details listed below via email or a signed form from your supervisor. Please note, it is the responsibility of the student, not the Martin County School District, to request the verification.

    • Student name

    • Number of hours

    • Supervisor name and title

    • Supervisor email

    • Supervisor phone number

    • Supervisor signature

  2. Log in to FOCUS using your Student ID (not parent account) and fill out the Community Service Hours Student Tracker form in Focus under the Forms menu: FOCUS Portal.

  3. Upload a verification email or letter from your supervisor in FOCUS. For instructions, click here.

  4. After submission, the student's guidance counselor will receive a notification to review the hours and approve or deny them. If the student has any questions, please contact his/her Guidance Counselor.

Instructions for Turning in a Paper Form #127 OR ManageBac report.

NOTE: This is the only way to turn in the IB ManageBac report or the paper Form #127 form and have the hours entered on to your transcript.

DO NOT turn the Form #127 in to your guidance counselor. 

If you documented your community service hours using the paper Form #127 and you have a supervisor signature, or you have a ManageBac report from IB:

  1. Log into FOCUS with your Student ID.

  2. From the Forms menu, select Community Service Hours Student Tracker.

  3. Complete the form to submit your hours.

  4. Upload a copy of your signed Form# 127 or your IB ManageBac report.