Office Hours

Please call (772) 219-1200 ext. 30178 or ext. 30427, your call will be returned within 24 hours.

Student Records

The student records dept. only handles withdrawn/graduated students. If you or your child is a current student, please contact the registrar/guidance office at your school for records. 

If you need GED transcripts, please click here

There are several ways to request official transcripts and/or school records. You can come into the student records department at the address listed to the right with your photo ID, OR you can e-mail or fax a written request. To e-mail or fax a request, the following information MUST be included: 

Your name (maiden name if you have married)
Photo ID
Date of birth
Last school attended in the Martin County School District
Graduation year or last year of attendance
A phone number you can be reached at
Type of records you are requesting (ie: official transcript, immunizations, etc)
Exact name and address where records will be mailed


Please read the following:

If your transcript is going to a private address, a clear copy of your photo ID (drivers license preferred) must be included with your request.  There are no exceptions to this policy, if your license is not included in your request, this will result in a transcript processing delay until your ID is received. If your transcript is going directly to a college you do not need to include the photo ID.

Either fax your request to (772) 223-2592 OR e-mail it to: