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District Volunteer Services Liaison

Amber Ellis (Warren)

(772) 219-1200 x30223

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Registration

All volunteers, including staff and students, are required to complete the e270 Volunteer Registration Form.

All volunteers are checked against the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Sexual Predators and Offenders Registry prior to being placed in any volunteer position. All Level 2 Volunteers are required to pass a Level 2 criminal background screening with fingerprinting. See Background Checks & Volunteer Eligibility below.

Not sure if your volunteer status is current or what level you are? Scroll down to "Raptor Volunteer Portal" for instructions on logging in to check.

Step 1: Complete the Volunteer Application

Volunteer Registration Form e270

Volunteer Levels:

  • Student: For current Martin County School District students only.

  • Level 1: For volunteer applicants who will work with students in a supervised manner (in sight at all times of MCSD staff). 

  • Level 2: For volunteer applicants who will work with students in an unsupervised manner (out of sight or hearing of MCSD staff).

    • Includes: field trip chaperones, concession stand volunteers, activities outside of normal school hours/off-campus, Volunteer Athletic Coaches, Volunteer Drivers, and summer camp volunteers.

    • Requires Level 2 background screening. See Background Checks & Volunteer Eligibility below.

*Note: If you are being paid for your service, please register as a VENDOR instead:

Step 2: After submission, please confirm your agreement with the current COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Strategies.

Step 3: Additional Requirements for Drivers & Coaches

Step 4: Confirmation

Once approved, applicants will receive a confirmation email. Please check your spam folder and contact Volunteer Services if you do not receive it.

  • Level 1: Approval email will be sent after application has been reviewed.

  • Level 2: Please notify Volunteer Services of your fingerprinting appointment  so they may contact you upon approval.

Step 5: Orientation

  • Volunteer Orientation

  • Volunteer Coordinator Orientation

  • Reminder: Volunteers will be covered by the District’s workers’ compensation insurance policy. All volunteers must sign in and sign out when volunteering.


    Failure to do so may result in a denial of workers’ compensation insurance coverage and/or removal as a volunteer.

    • On-campus during school hours: Volunteers must sign in at the front office, wear a nametag, and sign out when leaving school.

    • Off-campus or during non-school hours: Volunteers must r

      ecord volunteer hours via the

      Raptor Portal or Volunteer Time Tracker and wear a nametag.

Important Information

Background Checks & Renewals


  • Background Check: If student is volunteering for summer camp (ESC, athletics, etc.), follow steps for Level 2 Background Check.

  • Renewal: Application valid for 1 year. Resubmit application to continue volunteering.

Level 1:

  • Background Check: Once approved, swipe your license at the front desk when you sign in.

  • Renewal: Application valid for 2 years. Resubmit application to continue volunteering.

Level 2: See Volunteer Eligibility below.

  • Background Check: Copy the code below and click HERE to pay for and schedule fingerprinting. 

    • Click on the "Schedule Appointment" button and then Sign Up ($49.25).

      • Volunteer 

        CODE:  FPMartinCountyNonCert

      • Volunteer Coaches/Staff

        CODE: FPMartinCountyEmp (if you plan to obtain a coaching or teaching certificate in the future)

      • If you will be applying for a position in the district, a different code may be required for your results to be reported. Visit New Employee Processing for instructions.

      • NOTE: If you do not use the correct code, we will not receive your results and you will have to pay for a new appointment.

  • Renewal: Application valid for 2 years with payment of 1-year retention fee. Resubmit application to continue volunteering.

  • Retention Fee: Fingerprints are maintained in the Martin County School District system for 1 year. Volunteers may extend this time by paying a retention fee. See fee schedule below.

Fee Schedule






Link to Pay

Year 1


1 Year

Required for approval

$49: Volunteers

$49.25: Volunteer Coaches


Years 2-5

Retention Fee

Up to 4 additional years

Prior to expiration

$6/year (May pay in full)

Martin County School District

Year 6

Resubmission Fee

1 Year

Prior to expiration

$13.25 (in lieu of fingerprinting)

Martin County School District

Years 7-10

Retention Fee

Up to 4 additional years

Prior to expiration

$6/year (May pay in full)

Martin County School District

Volunteers will receive an automatic e-mail notification with instructions to renew 30 and 15 days prior to expiration. If you do not receive the email, or to change volunteer levels, email Volunteer Services for assistance.

Volunteer Eligibility

All volunteer candidates with the Martin County School District are subject to a criminal history check.

In Florida, the entire arrest record is revealed to school districts, including sealed and/or expunged records and military court proceedings. Applicants must disclose this information even if told differently by a lawyer, judge, or other law enforcement individual. If you were given this information by a judge, then those written instructions would need to be provided to MCSD. Prior criminal records may or may not result in disqualification for volunteering; however, failure to disclose this information will disqualify you for volunteering. Information that must be disclosed includes any offense that occurred whether as a juvenile or adult; therefore, all adult and juvenile offenses must be listed.

A volunteer applicant’s criminal history includes any offense for which the applicant posted bail; entered a pre-trial diversion or pre-trial intervention program; had adjudication withheld, was convicted or found guilty; was placed on probation; pled guilty or no contest; was jailed or imprisoned; or appeared in court, as a juvenile or adult. Sealed records, expunged records and military court proceedings must be disclosed. Note: DUI and reckless driving are criminal offenses.

The criminal offenses listed below will render applicants ineligible to volunteer with the Martin County School District.

WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE TO VOLUNTEER – felony convictions* including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Adult abuse, neglect or exploitation of a vulnerable adult

  • Murder

  • Manslaughter, aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person, disabled adult, or child

  • Vehicular homicide

  • Killing an unborn child by injury to the mother

  • Assault of a minor

  • Aggravated assault

  • Battery of a minor

  • Aggravated battery

  • Battery on a detention or commitment facility staff

  • Kidnapping

  • False imprisonment

  • Taking, enticing, or removing a child beyond the state limits with criminal intent pending custody proceedings

  • Carrying a child beyond state lines with criminal intent to avoid producing a child at a custody hearing or delivering the child to the designated person

  • Exhibiting a firearm or weapon within 1,000 feet of a School

  • Possessing an electric weapon or devise, destructive device, or other weapon on school property

  • Sexual battery

  • Prohibited acts of persons in familial or custodial authority

  • Prostitution

  • Lewd and lascivious behavior

  • Lewd and indecent exposure

  • Arson

  • Theft, robbery, and related crimes, if the offense is a felony

  • Fraudulent sale of controlled substances, only if the offense was a felony

  • Abuse, aggravated abuse, or neglect of an elderly person or disabled adult

  • Lewd or lascivious offenses committed upon or in the presence of an elderly person or disabled adult

  • Exploitation of an elderly person or disabled adult, if the offense was a felony

  • Incest

  • Child abuse, aggravated child abuse, or neglect of a child

  • Contributing to the delinquency or dependency of a child

  • Negligent treatment of children

  • Sexual performance by a child

  • Resisting arrest with violence

  • Depriving a law enforcement, correctional, or correctional probation officer means of protection or communication

  • Aiding in an escape

  • Aiding in the escape of juvenile inmates in correctional institutions

  • Obscene literature

  • Encouraging or recruiting another to join a criminal gang

  • Crimes related to drug abuse prevention and control (ch. 893, Florida Statutes), only if the offense was a felony or if any other person involved in the offense was a minor

  • Inflicting cruel or inhuman treatment on an inmate resulting in great bodily harm

  • Harboring, concealing, or aiding an escaped prisoner

  • Introduction of contraband into a correctional facility

  • Sexual misconduct in juvenile justice programs

  • Contraband introduced into detention facilities

  • All felony drug related convictions

* A volunteer applicant with a felony conviction is ineligible to volunteer pursuant to the District's internal procedures. A withhold of adjudication for the successful completion of a pre-trial intervention or pre-trial diversion program is counted as a conviction pursuant to Florida Statute. 


  • Misdemeanor drug or paraphernalia

  • Resisting arrest without violence


  • Cases pending

  • Domestic violence

  • Multiple arrests

  • On probation (crimes not listed above)

  • City ordinances/criminal traffic offenses not listed above

  • Any misdemeanor crime not listed above

NOTE: If you are considered eligible for volunteering under the above guidelines, this eligibility does not guarantee volunteer placement and/or employment with Martin County School District.

Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect


Principals shall post in a prominent place in the school a notice that pursuant to Chapter 39 all employees or agents of the District have:

  •  A. an affirmative duty to report all actual or suspected cases of child abuse or neglect;

  •  B. immunity from liability if they report such cases in good faith;

  •  C. a duty to comply with child protective investigations and all other provisions of law relating to child abuse and neglect.

The notice shall also include the statewide toll free telephone number of the State's Central Abuse Registry.

The Superintendent/designee, in cases of suspected child abuse or neglect or unlawful sexual offenses involving a child, at the request of the Martin County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) and Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), will act as a liaison to MCSO and DCFS and the child protection team, as defined in F.S. 39.01(13), when the case is referred to such a team.

When releasing children into protective custody of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) the following shall apply:

  •  A. The authorized agents of the department may take a child into custody if the agent has reasonable grounds to believe that the child has been abandoned, abused, neglected, is suffering from illness or injury, or is in immediate danger from his/her surroundings and that his/her removal is necessary to protect the child, or pursuant to an order of the Circuit Court.

  •  B. Before releasing a child to the custody of an agent of DCFS, the principal shall ensure the following:

    • 1.The identity of the person as an agent of DCFS.

    • 2.That the agent has been authorized by DCFS to take children into protective custody (Refer to DCFS list of authorized agents).

  •  C. That the agent has in his/her possession either (1) a certified copy of an Order of the Circuit Court for the Nineteenth Judicial Circuit, authorizing the protective custody of the child by DCFS, with a copy of this order to be kept by the principal; or alternatively, (2) the authorized DCFS agent shall have a notarized affidavit reciting his/her authority under law and acknowledging receipt of the child into his/her custody and releasing the School Board and its employees from liability.

F.S. Chapter 39, 415.501 through 415.522, 1001.41, 1001.43, 1006.061

po9200 Volunteers

To view the school board policy on volunteers, please visit: Board Policy 9200 Volunteers.

Privacy of Student Information

Public Records Law Exemption form

Raptor Volunteer Portal

Check your volunteer status and log your volunteer hours in Raptor.

Raptor Volunteer Portal

Login information:

  • Username: email you registered with.

  • Password: volunteer is prompted to choose a password; easy to reset if you forget.

To log your volunteer hours from a computer:

  1. Log in and click "Hours" on the top left of the page

  2. Click "+ Add Hours" on the top right of the page

  3. Complete details and click "Save"

To log your volunteer hours from a phone:

Submit your hours via the Volunteer Time Tracker and your hours will be uploaded into Raptor for you.

For additional instructions, please see the Raptor User Guide or contact Volunteer Services.

School Driver Registration

Requirements for Volunteer Drivers In Martin County School District

  1. Be an active Level 2 volunteer.

  2. Complete e222 School Driver Agreement Form EVERY YEAR

    Note: the form will ask drivers to upload the following documents:

    • Driver's License

    • Vehicle Registration

    • Insurance Declarations Page (outlines the limits of your liability; not your ID card)

    • The Martin County School District requires that the insurance declarations must include the following limits:

      • Liability $100,000/$300,000;

      • Property Damage $50,000;

      • Personal Injury Protection (PIP) $10,000 with no deductible;

      • and Medical Coverage $5,000.

  3. Volunteer will receive a confirmation email after approval.


Please note:

  • Drivers who do not meet the district’s requirements may purchase additional Liability and Property Damage coverage through either their personal insurance company or a rental company if they will be renting a vehicle.

  • Drivers who do not meet the district’s PIP requirement (No deductible) need to increase their coverage through their personal insurance company (follows driver; rental company cannot sell).

School Volunteer Coordinator Contacts

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