Ripple Recognition Supplement

The Martin County School District has announced a new recruitment initiative designed to pair Florida's top-performing teachers with the classrooms that need them most.  

Federal Unified School Improvement Grant (UniSIG) grant funds are allocated by the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) to support school improvement initiatives in Florida's lowest-performing schools. Teachers who have earned a three-year aggregate FLDOE Value-Added Model (VAM) score of 3 or 4 are eligible to teach at these schools and earn supplements of up to $15,000. VAM scores are the FLDOE-approved mechanism for measuring students' learning growth for the purpose of evaluating teachers. 

In Martin County, Pinewood Elementary School and Port Salerno Elementary School earned a "D" grade in the 2021-2022 school year, making each location eligible for the school improvement grant funding.  Any Florida educator who has earned a three-year aggregate FLDOE VAM score of 3 or 4 is encouraged to apply for instructional vacancies at either school.  Available positions as of today include:

  • Intervention Teacher (3 positions)
  • Literacy Coach (2 positions)
  • Critical Thinking Teacher
  • Second-Grade Teacher
  • Third-Grade Teacher

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit our website to learn more and apply for employment.