Congratulations to Mickey Torres who was selected as the MCHS 2022-2023 School Related Employee of the Year! Mickey has served as the Secretary of the Deans and Attendance Office at MCHS for 5 years and has consistently performed all of her duties at the highest level. In addition to her school day schedule, Mickey recently took on the role of Tigerettes Coach this year. Mickey cares ever so much about the kids she works with and provides an incredible level of support for our teachers and staff. She does an amazing job with ensuring the students and parents communicating with the Deans Office are greeted with a smile and are provided with the immediate support they need. Mickey is always upbeat, kind, caring, funny, and positive. Mickey represents all that is good about the outstanding staff members that are so critical to our success at MCHS. We are so proud to have Mickey Torres represent MCHS as our School Related Employee of the Year!