Student's course registration will be scheduled through English 3 (11th), World History (10th), Science (9th) & Dr. Shew (IB). 

Students not in the above courses may get a registration card from Guidance

Registration Process:

Step 1: Get your registration card from your designated teacher on Monday, January 24th 

Step 2: Choose one of each academic (English, Math, Science, Social Studies) and get teacher signatures for Advanced courses

Step 3: Review the elective options here

Step 4: Indicate your top 3 elective choices and top 2 alternate elective choices for next school year by putting the number in front of the elective course.  Get teacher signatures for Advanced courses

Step 5: Review selections with your Guardians

Step 6: Return your registration card to your designated teacher by Monday, January 31st 

Step 7: Meet with your Counselor to discuss during the scheduled class period 


  • January 24: Registration cards distributed to students
  • January 25-28: School wide teacher recommendations & classroom registration
  • January 31: Students return registration cards to designated teacher
  • January 31-February 4: JUNIOR individual Counselor appointments
  • February 7-February 11:  SOPHOMORE individual Counselor appointments 
  • February 14-February 17:  FRESHMEN individual  Counselor appointments

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