High School Artists Honored in Regional Scholastic Arts Competition

The National Scholastic Arts Competition's Palm Beach and Martin Counties Region has announced its 2021-2022 Scholastic Arts Competition winners.  More than 4,000 local student artists submitted pieces for consideration as part of this year's competition.  

The Martin County students listed below have been recognized for their creativity, originality and artistic skill.  Gold and Silver Key winners will have their original artwork displayed at the Regional Scholastic Art Exhibition from February 9 - 19, 2022, at the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach, Florida. Gold Key winners will move on to compete in this year's National Scholastic Arts Competition. 

Jensen Beach High School

  • Tatum Bean, Silver Key Award - Painting for "Systemic"
  • James Fowler, Silver Key Award - Digital Art for "Portrait"
  • Mackenzi King, Silver Key Award - Painting for "Thoughts?"
  • Skyler Miller, Silver Key Award - Drawing for "A Voice for Those Strangled Into Silence"
  • Madisyn Boudreau, Honorable Mention - Drawing for "Moving Forward" and "Endangered Emergency"
  • Mia Kerner, Honorable Mention - Drawing for "New Friend" and "Birds of Paradise"
  • Mackenzi King, Honorable Mention - Painting for "JJ"
  • Skyler Miller, Honorable Mention - Drawing for "Billie Eilish"
  • Amelia Rose, Honorable Mention - Drawing for "Lost Inside the Clouds"

Martin County High School

  • Rebecca Cotton, Gold Key Award - Photography for "Disappearing"
  • Sydney Launay, Gold Key Award - Photography for "Divine"
  • Anna Tullidge, Gold Key Award - Photography for "Happy Place" 
  • Rebecca Cotton, Silver Key Award - Photography for "Dysmorphia"
  • Amanda Ferrier, Silver Key Award - Photography for "The Sins of Yesterday Remain"
  • Brianna Gibson, Silver Key Award - Senior Portfolio for "Portfolio"
  • Mia Gifford, Silver Key Awards  - Photography for "Sovereign Gaze" and "After Dark"
  • Martina Maresca, Silver Key Award - Painting for "Grief"
  • Natalie Ricketts, Silver Key Award - Photography for "A Hint of Garlic"
  • Vivian Thedford, Silver Key Awards - Photography for "Materialistic", "Sunrise Love", "Trapped" and "Presence"
  • Shirley Zhu, Silver Key Award - Digital Art for "Away on a Lotus Leaf"
  • Ferdousy Ahmed, Honorable Mention - Senior Portfolio for "Studies of the Natural World
  • Mia Gifford, Honorable Mention- Photography for "Imperfect Perfection"
  • Sydney Launay, Honorable Mention - Photography for "High Fashion"
  • Martina Maresca, Honorable Mentions - Painting for "Heart Shaped Trench" and "Slumber"
  • Mary Polak, Honorable Mentions - Photography for "The Inside Out" and "Suppress It"
  • Vivian Thedford, Honorable Mention - Photography for "Blinded"
  • Anna Tullidge, Honorable Mentions - Photography for "Low Light" and "Chiaroscuro"
  • Brooke Vanderwarn - Honorable Mentions - Photography for "Remain Standing", "Delicate Blooms" and "Judgeful Stares". 

South Fork High School

  • Ryan Campbell, Gold Key Award - Photography for "Waterfall No. 3"
  • Emily Brown, Silver Key Award - Drawing & Illustration for "Ghost-Quiet"
  • Samatha Conner, Honorable Mention - Drawing & Illustration for "encaustic"
  • Kiarra Hold, Honorable Mentions - Photography for "Depth of Fear" and "Wonderland"
  • Brianna Toth, Honorable Mention - Comic Art for "How to Bee A Baker"