Paper Tutoring

The Martin County School District has partnered with Paper Education Company, Inc. to bring an on-demand virtual tutoring platform to students enrolled in grades 6-12. Paper's online tutors will be available 24/7 year-round to assist students with learning and assignments across more than 200 subject areas. These virtual tutoring services will be offered in English, Spanish, French and Mandarin.  

Thanks to support provided by federal ESSER II Grant funds, the service is being offered at no cost to students. Teachers will also have access to the platform, allowing them to pinpoint learning gaps by reviewing subjects and concepts covered during tutoring sessions. Students will sign in to ClassLink using their District credentials and select the "Paper" app to access the platform. Alternatively, students may visit and search for their school to access services. 

"We recognize that it is more important than ever for students and families to have access to flexible solutions that help to fill learning gaps or make instruction more accessible outside of the classroom," Superintendent John D. Millay said. "We believe Paper's academic support services will prove to be extremely beneficial to our students, teachers and families." 

In addition to on-demand, 24/7 access to knowledgeable tutors, Paper also provides students with access to Essay Review, which serves as an extra set of eyes when students need it. From assignments and college application essays to lab reports and scholarship applications, students can upload any piece of written work along with their teacher’s instructions (if applicable). The tutors then provide detailed annotations and thorough feedback on grammar, structure, and content.

Each online educator is a Paper Education Company, Inc. employee who is trained in the Socratic teaching method and undergoes a criminal background check prior to employment. All student activity on the platform is recorded, tracked, and made readily available to teachers and administrators. To learn more about Paper or access resources for parents/guardians, please click here. Parents and caregivers may register for a free 45-minute information session by clicking here