New Employee Processing

Pre-employment Drug Screening 

The Martin County School District (MCSD) is a Drug Free Workplace and requires all individuals hired by the School Board to be free of alcohol and controlled substances.  All job applicants offered a position with the School Board will be required to submit to a workplace screening.  

The procedures for the Drug screening are as follows: 

  1. As part of the hiring process with the MCSD prospective employees must pay the $35.00 fee for their Drug Screening Test. This fee should not be paid until an offer of employment has been received. 

  2. Once offered a position you will be contacted by your Human Resources Specialist to complete the Drug Screening.  

  3. Payment may be made electronically as instructed by your HR Specialist. 

  4. Applicants paying for both Drug Screening ($35.00) and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Retention Fee for fingerprinting ($24.00) at the same time may present one electronic payment to the Martin County School District for a total of $59.00. 

  5. All prospective employees must submit to the pre-employment screening to be considered for employment. 

  6. Any individual who tests positive for a prohibited substance will be considered not qualified for employment with the MCSD and will not be eligible for employment for one (1) year from the date of the test.


The Martin County School District is committed to keeping our students and staff members safe. In compliance with the Jessica Lunsford Act signed into law on May 2, 2005, background check requirements have been expanded to include all contracted workers and consultants as well as employees. In addition, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement has implemented a database to track arrests of school district employees and contractors and notify the school districts when an employee is arrested. This new tracking system helps ensure that students and staff in our schools remain safe.

All employees, volunteers, student teaching interns, vendors, consultants and contractors must be fingerprinted and undergo a Level II background check.  Everyone who will be at a school when students are present or who will have direct contact with students must complete the background screening.  See below for more specific information on appropriate fees and items to bring with you when you are printed. 

General Fingerprinting Information: 

  1. ALL newly hired employees will be responsible for paying fees for fingerprinting. This fee should not be paid until an offer of employment has been received.

  2. Fingerprint reports from outside agencies will not be accepted.

  3. Any break in service will require individuals to be re-fingerprinted at their cost.


Fingerprinting Fees and Procedures: 

Fingerprinting fees and specific procedures are based on the type of relationship that each person has with the School District. Each applicant should follow the procedures for the appropriate category as outlined in the section below. 

Procedures for Payment of Fingerprinting Fees:

New employees and others who are working for or with the District are responsible for prepaying their fingerprinting fees.  These fees should not be paid until applicant is directed to do so by Human Resources staff. 

  • Instructional Subs

  • Instructional

  • Administrative

Code: FPMartinCountyEmp


  • Non-instructional

  • Transportation

Code: FPMartinCountyNonCert


  • Extended Day - The cost of fingerprinting is $69.75. Please bring a debit or credit card with you to your scheduled HR appointment to pay for the fingerprinting.

  • Vendors - The cost of fingerprinting is $83.25 (Includes retention fee for 5-years). Please complete the vendor form for further information in regards to the fingerprinting process.