Greetings Martin County students, employees, families and members of the community,

I am incredibly honored and humbled to be chosen as the Martin County School District's Superintendent of Schools. As a lifelong resident of Florida, current MCSD employee, and with nearly two decades of experience as an educator, I have a nuanced understanding of what it takes to build relationships, increase community engagement and improve educational outcomes for children. I am committed to ensuring all students who attend Martin County schools receive a quality education that will catapult them into successful futures. As Superintendent, I want to ensure our District's focus remains on what matters most - cultivating the genius in every child by creating vibrant centers of learning with caring adults who engage students in rigorous instruction and experiences that prepare them for our 21st Century society. As the late Rita Pierson stated, "every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can be." Our students deserve the highest quality instruction daily, and our teachers and school leaders require tailored support to deliver this. We will continuously engage teachers and school leaders in authentic conversations about achieving instructional excellence by defining it and using data to identify the high-yield action steps that launch continuous improvement cycles.

Every employee in the Martin County School District should feel valued and empowered. We must never forget that adult actions lead to student outcomes. Leadership matters at the foundational level, and I view it like a color wheel. While I may be at the center, individuals with unique talents and skill sets move the work forward. The power of collaboration with all stakeholders will move our organization forward. I am dedicated to taking the necessary time to further acclimate myself to our community while also diving into Martin County’s core values, aspirations, strengths and challenges.

I have developed a formal 90-Day Entry Plan that I believe will begin to guide this critical work practically and measurably. In this entry plan, I aim to create a foundation to build a stronger future for our community, employees and, most importantly, our students. As we strive for excellence in our schools, I plan to chart our path forward strategically, reflectively and collaboratively. We will establish standards of excellence and define the "Martin County Way" to ensure we continue having excellent schools that make the American Dream a living reality for our students.

The work and tasks of public education in the 21st Century are getting more complex by the day, and we need help to do this. Our schools remain the centers of our community. We will work hand in hand with our families and community members to ensure that all play a role in giving our students the very best. Together, we will make the Martin County School District a model of educational excellence in Florida and beyond. I look forward to working together and continuing the transformational work of improving our schools and District.


Michael Maine
Superintendent of Schools