The purpose of the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief American Rescue Plan ( ESSER ARP) is to help reopen and sustain the safe operation of schools, as well as to address the impacts of COVID-19 on students' academic needs, social-emotional learning, and mental health. Support is also provided for activities that are necessary to maintain the operation of services in school districts.

Required Instructional Continuity Plans (ICPs) are part of the Florida Department of Education's (FDOE) commitment to ensuring continuity of the instructional and learning support services provided to communities when standard operating procedures are disrupted due to emergency situations. To mitigate the educational impacts during an emergency or pandemic, FDOE provided support to school districts to assist in the development of local ICPs.  The Martin County School District's ICP is available here

The public is asked and encouraged to provide input with respect to the District's ICP and ESSER ARP. The District will take all feedback into consideration and make necessary adjustments to the ICP and ESSER ARP based on public input and consultation, as well as feedback received from the FDOE.

To view the District's ESSER ARP proposal, please click here

To provide feedback or submit questions related to the ICP and/or ESSER ARP proposal, please call (772)219-1200 ext.  30140 or email Dr. Tracey Miller, Assistant Superintendent of Academics, at