Camp WET attendees arrive at Boy Scout Island

Martin County School District students enrolled in the Environmental Studies Center's Camp WET had a blast while learning important information about the local ecosystem!

Camp WET is a scholarship program funded by grants. Students must apply and be selected to attend. The camp has been hosted by the District's one-of-a-kind Environmental Studies Center since 1993!

A curriculum developed for Camp WET focuses on the Indian River Lagoon (IRL). Students learn about the importance of the habitats of the IRL including seagrass beds, mangroves, barrier islands, spoil islands and open water habitats. They learn how the IRL ecosystem is affected by salinity fluctuations, freshwater discharges, stormwater inputs, and ocean inlets. Students also experience the recreational benefits of the IRL by participating in fishing, cast netting, and boating.

Take a look at some of the fun students had during Camp WET this summer: