MCSD Celebrates February as Career & Technical Education (CTE) Month

The Martin County School District (MCSD) proudly celebrates Career & Technical Education (CTE) Month and the opportunity to highlight the value of educational opportunities that prepare students for high-wage, high-demand careers. 

Career and technical education program offerings in MCSD include:

  • job preparatory courses designed to provide students with the competencies necessary for effective entry into an occupation;

  • exploratory courses designed to give students initial exposure to skills and attitudes associated with a broad range of occupations in order to assist them in making informed decisions regarding their future academic and occupational goals;

  • practical arts courses designed to teach students practical generic skills which, although applicable in some occupations, are not designed to prepare students for entry into an occupation;

  •  career education instruction which is designed to strengthen and integrate basic academic skills and career and technical skills and occupational awareness;

  •  accelerated career and technical programs such as vocational dual enrollment designed to enable high school students to earn elective credit toward graduation and postsecondary credit toward an A.S. degree or a technical certificate.