MCSD Climate and Culture Survey

Attention Martin County School District Families: We value your input and need your help to shape the future of our District!

Between October 10-12, the District is conducting a live survey to learn more about your experiences with school, your child’s journey and your thoughts on the District’s climate and culture.

We’re on a mission to ensure the best possible education environment for your children. Part of reaching our goal is undergoing a comprehensive, districtwide reaccreditation process.

This survey is a critical step in our reaccreditation process. Your feedback will help drive positive changes and enhance education outcomes.

Our Goal: We are aiming for a minimum completion rate of 20%. Your participation is vital!

The survey should take about 5 minutes of your time. Before answering questions, you will be asked to select a school. If you have children attending multiple schools in our District, we ask that you please complete a survey for each school your child attends.

We will send a link to the survey when it goes live.

We are truly grateful for your partnership!